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If you are interested in lock picking as a profession or as a hobby then you are at the right place! At this website you will find FREE quality materials, aimed at promoting the Hobby & Benefits the Art of Lock Picking has to offer!


We all love the idea of picking locks either as a profession, hobby or simply so that you won’t ever be locked out of your home or car again. On this site you will be able to learn exactly how to pick locks in your own free time!

This website offers 2 sets of lock picking guides (guide 1, guide 2) and a growing set of video tutorials which focuses on a variety of lock terminology and techniques of lock picking. If you follow the instructions carefully you can begin learning how to open a wide variety of common locks and become just as good as any professional locksmith or, if you are already a professional locksmith, increase the skills you already have!

Go ahead and check out the guides and tutorials as well as the other stuff we have here. This site will be a valuable place that will help you down your path to becoming a good ethical lock picker. Focus, practice, and study hard and you will truly enjoy all the benefits of lock picking in time to come!


Featured Tutorials -

Quickstart to Lock Picking

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 Lock Picking With Paperclip

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